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Alum Stone Alum potassium 100% natural without aluminium
Natural Deodorant and After shave, advices for sensitives skin

10€ the unit 100gr
without aluminium salt

Alum stone is a common name for a type of natural deodorant and aftershave that is popular in France and found throughout Europe. In the U.S. alum stone is typically known as crystal deodorant. The cosmetic and personal care use of alum stone dates back to antiquity due to is simple, yet powerful cosmetic formula. Alum stone is made of potassium alum and comes from the Greek word Alos. It was originally used as an aftershave, but since the 1980s alum stone has been marketed as a deodorant.

100% natural, protect your skin & body. Help to heals the skin & stop blood .
You can use it as after shave and when you cut yourself

After the shower, wet the stone with medium water and aply on your skin.


intro Volcanic Pumice Stone 100% natural
To take off hard skin on the foot

9€ the unit 110gr
Do not break - last for years

*TVA y transport not included